Human Resource Consultancy




We have a flexible approach and can work to specific requirements of particular projects / clients can also from and provide a complete team of workers and specialists, who can carry out common or specific tasks independently.

Check candidate on factors like stability, adaptability, organizational fit etc. candidate's references are taken.

In short- Our Five Step Recruitment Methodology

Understanding Client Requirement

The quality of end output is a lot dependant upon the quality of input. We believe that it is not an analytical exercise of only matching job profile. It involves understanding business structure, role played by the profile in the overall context, skills required for the role, competencies and aspects that fit into the organizational culture etc.

Documenting Job Profile

We document our understanding of role requirement along with our point of view on job specs, in addition to what we get from the client, and get the same validated. This then forms basis of our entire search procedure.

Search Candidates

This involves focused search around the ‘suitable’ candidates taking into account organizational needs.

Short listing of Candidates

This is a rigorous process of matching organizational needs and individual aspirations. This is done using tools developed with specific organization context and interviews by senior search associates.

Final Selection of Candidate

This is the last phase of the process which involves direct intervention by the client organization in doing final round(s) of interview. We ensure that we remain the central point of these interviews and keep linking the candidate and organization perspectives at each step.