Financial & Management Consultancy

Our focus

Our services are designed to cater businesses on supply side and funds, investors, bankers, financial institutions on buy side. On supply side we target the emerging mid-size to large-size businesses. We eye and have high regard for a striking business backed by strong management.

On demand side we target investors & funds to banks and financial institutions who share understanding of businesses and offer lucrative terms.

• Time-budgeting should be done keeping in mind each leg as the investors interaction is a long drawn process

• Good presentation skills at company and advisors level. Active investors across the spectrum (equity to debt) are literally    inundated with investment opportunities; hence its imperative to have a presentation to be extraordinarily brisk, to the point    and delivered with flair and great enthusiasm

• To present sober and credible use of funds forecasts on various fund scenarios. These forecasts are built from “the    bottom-up”, with specific revenue and cost estimates garnered from the company’s historical financials

• Exceptional understanding of cash flows and communication of the cash flows variables; this will offer credibility and    strength

• Targeting the right Investor audience